RSHS Presentation at the MMANC Annual Conference

This year’s MMANC Conference will be taking place at the Embassy Suites in Sacramento. Don’t miss Partner Jon Holtzman as he co-facilitates a Labor Negotiations 101 course!

Labor Negotiations 101:  The Nuts and Bolts of Labor Negotiations and Contract Imposition
Wednesday, October 14, 1:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Partner Jon Holtzman will be co-facilitating a three-hour course covering labor relations and the negotiations process.  Co-presenters include Kelly McAdoo, City of Hayward Assistant City Manager and Nina Collins, City of Hayward Director of Human Resources.

Labor Negotiations 101 is a California Government Leadership accredited class. It lasts three hours and will focus on negotiating with labor unions and imposing contracts when those negotiations fail. Labor union agreements are one of the ongoing negotiations for many cities. Over the past few years, many governmental and quasigovernmental organizations have been unable to meet the requests of the unions; their only recourse has been to impose contracts. This class will identify what information management needs to know, what can be easily negotiated without long-term financial obligations, and if negotiations fail, how to impose a contract. This is a panel presentation with City of Hayward Deputy City Manager and Nina Morris Collins, Hayward Human Resources Director sharing their personal experiences of contract negotiations and a contract imposition within the City of Hayward.