Upcoming Presentations at the League of CA Cities Annual Conference

The 2015 League of CA Cities Annual Conference is quickly coming up! This year’s conference will be taking place in San Jose and three of RSHS’s Partners and one PMG Senior Consultant will be presenting on three interesting topics.

Charter Cities Under Attack!
Thursday, Oct. 1, 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

Partner Jon Holtzman will preside over this session that will include speakers Buck Delventhal, Deputy City Attorney, San Francisco City Attorney’s Office and John Russo, City Manager, Riverside.

The constitutional powers of charter cities continues to come under attack. The enactment of SB 7, a direct challenge to the authority of charter cities to control their municipal contracting process is just the latest effort to abridge cities’ home rule powers. Hear the pros and cons of becoming a charter city, and explore the recent developments impacting them. Learn about strategies of charter cities, individually and collectively, employed to preserve their constitutional authority over essential municipal functions.

Successfully Navigating Conflict of Interest Reporting
Thursday, Oct. 1, 1:00 – 2:15 p.m.

Partner Randy Riddle will participate on a panel along with Ruben Duran of Best, Best & Krieger and Erin Peth, Executive Director of the Fair Political Practices Commission and presided by Martin Gonzalez, Executive Director of the Institute for Local Government.

California rules require public officials to keep track and report gifts received throughout the year. Gifts need to be reported on their Statement of Economic Interest Form, also referred to as “Form 700.” The gift limit and reporting requirements (including loans, gifts, and travel payments) are part of the Political Reform Act of 1974. Gain an understanding of California’s Fair Political Practices Commission rules governing gifts and reporting.

Labor Relations: “A Policymaker’s Perspective”
Thursday, Oct. 1, 4:15 – 5:30 p.m.

Managing Partner Charles Sakai and PMG Senior Consultant Bob Deis will participate on a panel along with Marcie Scott of Municipal Resources Group and presided by LeeAnn McPhillips, HR Director/Risk Manager of the City of Gilroy.

This Labor Relations 101 session is directed towards elected officials and will present PERB case studies and important “Do’s and Don’ts” for those involved with labor negotiations. A panel of experts will review the basics of labor relations as governed by State Code.