Our firm has an uncommon depth and breadth of talent. Most of our attorneys and consultants had accomplished careers in public service before joining the firm.
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Tori Anthony415 848-7218
Paul Chrisman916 258-8818
Steve Cikes415 678-3810
Ivan Delventhal415 848-7218
Burke Dunphy415 678-3809
Art Hartinger510 995-5805
Jon Holtzman415 678-3807
Christiane Layton916 258-8812
Jim Libien415 848-7210
Sherry Lin510 995-5813
Kevin McLaughlin510 995-5806
Madeline Miller916 258-8815
Nancy Miller916 258-8817
Genevieve Ng415 678-3830
Jennifer Nock415 678-3800
Judith Propp415 678-3800
Louise Renne415 678-3805
Randy Riddle415 678-3814
Linda Ross510 995-5807
Wendy Rouder415 678-3800
Michael Roush415 678-3800
Charles Sakai415 678-3808
Justin Otto Sceva415 848-7213
Jeff Sloan415 678-3806
Geoffrey Spellberg415 678-3817
Teresa Stricker415 678-3811
Sabrina Thomas916 258-8805
Alexander Volberding510 995 5818
Dania Torres Wong415 678-3834
Tim Yeung916 258-8803
Susan Yoon916 258-8807


As part of the firm’s non-traditional approach, and to provide the highest level of service with cost efficiency, Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakai LLP has assembled a non-legal services division to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our consultants include labor relations, human resources, and investigative non-attorney specialists.

Georgia Cochran916 258-8808
Bob Deis510 995-5800
Howard Jordan916-258-8800
Scott Kenley415 678-3828
Janice Koch415 678-3800
Bonnie Kolesar530-574-0394
Ana Ventura Phares415 678-3800
Geoffrey Rothman415 678-3800
Neil Telford415 678-3800
Brendan Tully415 848-7211
Don Turko916 258-8800
Yumi Wilson510 995-5800
Bill Zenoni415 678-3800