Brendan Tully


t: 415.848.7211
f: 415.678.3838
P.I. License: 28630


Mr. Tully has been an investigative consultant with the firm for seven years.  As a licensed private investigator, Mr. Tully conducts workplace investigations, including police, fire and harassment and discrimination cases.  He also investigates and researches in support of the firm’s public interest litigation and on behalf of public entities in need of internal investigations into wrongdoing by employees and other controversial matters.  Mr. Tully has personally conducted between 30 and 40 workplace investigations, some involving high-ranking employees, law enforcement officers and elected officials.  Additionally, Mr. Tully is involved in the firm’s training program, which includes sexual harassment training (AB1825) along with seminars focused on conducting effective personnel investigations.

Related Experience

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Tully worked for over a decade at the Grand Rapids Police Department (Michigan).  As a sergeant Mr. Tully  coordinated, managed and reviewed criminal investigations.  He also assisted with investigating allegations of misconduct for Internal Affairs.  Mr. Tully managed a team of ten officers, as well as crime scene technicians and medical support staff.

Practice Areas

Workplace Investigations


University of Notre Dame, BA